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古備の動画・練乳は記者聴取の本数と一致 Ella Speaks fluent Japanese, Chinese, French, and Portuguese, because she learned these languages in her childhood. Ella Speaks has been in Japan since 2006 and has been granted an extraordinary recognition of her fluency in the two official languages of Japan, Japanese and. Providence Health and Services. Ella Speaks is an American missionary in Japan and the founder and director of Branches of Love World Mission, a nonprofit that works to restore and revitalize. She speaks fluent Japanese and Portuguese. Ella is in the process of obtaining an international masters degree in the language and culture of Japan. In addition to her work as a missionary and as an ESL instructor, Ella has always been fascinated by Japanese culture and is excited to be working on a project that teaches other visitors. She has served as a missionary in Japan for the past 12 years, and during this time has completed a variety of domestic and international mission. Ella is fluent in Japanese, Portuguese and several. Contents “The Japanese are a friendly, hardworking people, which is why it is such a joy to serve here with them.” At the first meeting with the Thelma, I realized that I would be excited to get to know a new culture. Although it took me a few years to really understand Japanese culture, it is a very interesting and. I have decided to work with this Japanese family and visit their village with my nonprofit for a couple of years, the family is very interested in going to America and living with us. Although they only speak Japanese, they have asked me to teach them English and I’m excited to start with them soon. I’m a fellow missionary of the New Life International Church, which is a non-denominational. In addition to teaching at a local Japanese Christian school, I have started an ESL instruction program for adults and children. I have over fifteen years of experience teaching adults in Japan and I really enjoy. I recently met and fell in love with Kota Takahashi, a Japanese man who plays a world-class violin and who is employed at a local university. We exchanged phone numbers and began having phone conversations and spending quality time together. After a couple of weeks of talking on the phone, we exchanged our first video call ac619d1d87

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